The Business Man Emerges

After Ray Grimm, Jr. received his BS in Business Management in the late 60s, Ray started his first entrepreneurial venture. Familiar with agriculture, Ray jumped at the chance to start Southwest Irrigation. During the next decade Ray would build that company into the one of the largest in California, pioneering the concept of drip irrigation.

In the early 80s, his wife, Daran, became interested in nutritional supplements, using them to improve her own health and sharing these products through her circle of friends and acquaintances. Taking notice of his wife's interest, Ray soon became fascinated with the concept of person-to-person marketing, and its potential. This method of marketing seemed as enticing as the benefits of the products, and he studied the intricate Compensation Plans and became a student of both the Network Marketing and nutritional products industries.

Since 1983, Ray Grimm has cofounded United Sciences of America, UniVite, Inc., Body Wise International, Cal Nutrasciences and Laguna Blends, Inc. A testament to the hard work and persistence he sites as his prevalent attributes. But the shear scale of these ventures alludes to other entrepreneurial traits, vision and leadership.

Body Wise International, founded in early 1989, boasted $60 million in sales in 1995, a volume attainable only with a team that shared the vision of its founders. Ray prides himself on building companies that foster a team environment. From the boardroom to the warehouse, he likes to know the names, faces and lives of those that work for and with him. His philosophy of teamwork is paramount to success.

In 2009, Ray was ready to put things in high gear. He launched and cofounded the Core4 weight-loss system. Moving fast, he developed distribution channels the US and Canada producing a record-breaking 10 million in sales in less than a year, becoming the number one weight-loss system on the Internet. 

In 2016, Ray began consulting with Laguna Blends and within a year became President and CEO. Laguna Blends was a CBD-based product company located in Canada that under Ray’s visionary leadership acquired Isodiol, another CBD-based product company located in the US. As a result, Laguna Blend’s stock went from .05 per share to over $2 per share during a two-year period.