Ray is currently working as an Advisor to Tilde, a company that gives you the ability to manage all of your websites, e-commerce, mobile, social and digital marketing from one application.  Tilde helps coordinate the use of websites, mobile, email, content marketing and word of mouth goals.  The Tilde platform is less expensive, faster, intuitive, and scalable as compared to other Content Management Systems.


Ray serves as an Advisor and COO to Prevennia, Inc. and oversees some of the operations of Prevennia.  Prevennia has developed a patented product to help balance estrogen, block DNA damage, enhance the immune system, and keep the body in balance.  Prevennia will be marketed through Health Professional and Direct Sales Channel.  Ray began working with Prevennia in November 2013 and is assisting in it's Worldwide Marketing efforts.


Allysian Sciences

From July 2014 - Present

Ray helped launch Allysian Sciences, Inc. in Vancouver, B.C. A Direct Sales Company with a focus on Nootropics (Brain Health).  Ray is working directly with International Entrepreneurs Apolo Ohno (former Winter Olympian) and Rod Joo Cofounders.  Ray has been directly involved in Product Packaging, Comp Plan design, Training and recruiting Sales Leaders, implementation and contracting of Credit Card Processing, Legal Counsel and staffing Allysian.  Currently working on Awards and Incentive Programs for the international platform.


From July 2014 - Present

Ray wrote the Business Plan and is assisting in raising seed capital for Baby Wise Inc.  Baby WIse has created a crib mattress cover designed to help with SIDS prevention. Over 200,000 mattresses have been covered in the past 5 years without one reported SIDS death.  Ray is working with Baby Wise Founder Jay Roth to create a new patent pending mattress cover and mattress.  Ray is also working on new website design and Online Marketing Channels for the new products.